Hear the stories of real people who have defeated their asthma. They are executives, sport champions and school children with one thing in common. They control their asthma and are in control of their lives. When you know their stories you will realize that, like them, you can also control your asthma and enjoy a full life.


Hear the story of 4 year old Zahaan and how his mother took him "from doctor to doctor" until they found the right treatment. She says, if help came earlier, "he wouldn't have lost out on so many happy moments."

A mother's view on Asthma

A convincing story of how Shivangi's mother tried all kinds of treatment for her child, including believing in stones. Now, " it's just inhaler that works" for her child. Today, Shivangi has "the confidence to really run around and live life."


Hear the stories of many parents across India who speak about their doubts about asthma. They talk about how they tried alternative medicines unsuccessfully, their lives before and after inhalers. Now their children can "go out, play in the rain, and have ice cream even in winter". They say they have "no fear".


Listen to how Varun's asthma came in the way of his Taekwando Championship dreams until his doctor gave him the confidence to use inhalation therapy. Nothing was impossible for him after that. He has won the international gold. silver medal. And now he refers to his inhaler and says, "This is my saved my life."

Growing Up and Up with Asthma

'Growing Up and Up with Asthma' is a story about two kids who are 'Winners against Asthma' and have battled the life hampering disease using a simple and effective treatment for Asthma which is Inhaled corticosteroids. These kids suffered in their childhood from one hospital to other due to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. However, post switching to inhalers, they have emerged as winners in their lives with one of them becoming an ace sportsman and the other a great performer. They are leading an absolute normal life now without any redundant growth. For more such inspirational stories visit

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