Street Play initiative on Asthma awareness in Nalgonda

In an initiative to raise awareness on asthma, Breathefree a public service initiative by Cipla organized a ‘Street Play’ titled ‘Manokosam Manam’ at Ramagiri Circle and Clock Tower Circle in Nalgonda on 14th of July 2010.

Witnessed over 200 spectators, the play gave an important message that asthma is not a disease but a condition of the lungs. The play entertained and educated the audience on asthma. It highlighted that symptoms such as coughing, breathlessness, tightness of the chest and wheezing should not be neglected as these are actually the symptoms of asthma and it is important to see a doctor if you experience any of them.

Followed with the show, free Peak Flow Meter tests were offered to the masses to help them to know the count of their lung power. We thank the prominent doctors from Nalgonda - Dr. A. Shashidhar, Dr. M Ranjith Reddy, Dr. V Sudhakar and Dr. P. Sudharshan Reddy, who agreed to offer free consultation to the ones whose lung power showed very low.

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