Canopy Event at East Delhi

In an initiative to raise awareness on asthma, Breathefree a public service initiative by Cipla organized a 'Canopy Event' at 51 prominent areas of East Delhi in 60 days where 55 doctors have given free consultation. A self-contained Canopy equipped with diagnostic tools such as Peak Flow Meter, educational materials and a team of Cipla ‘Breathefree Educators’ were present at all locations.

The crowd was excited about the Canopy placed in their locality and each location had a turnout of about 180 - 200 patients. Total 11876 general public had done the “Lung Check -up” out of which 2164 patients were referred to Doctors, as their actual PEFR (Peak Expiratory Flow Rate) was significantly less than desired PEFR (Peak Expiratory Flow Rate). This data indicates that the prevalence of airway disease was as high as 18 % of sample population. These suspected patients were given free consultation by breathefree doctors.

Of these many were diagnosed for asthma for the first time and many were convinced about inhalation therapy being the best and most effective treatment for asthma.

We would like to thanks to doctors Dr Ajay arora, Dr K K pandey, Dr Deepak Bhambe, Dr P C Acharya, Dr V K Bansal, Dr N K Bharti, Dr Virendra Singh, Dr Tapan Poddar, Dr Nitu Singh, Dr K Pankaj, Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Arvind Narayan, Dr Neeraj Sharma, Dr.Hanish Gupta, Dr.Rakesh Gupta, Dr.Surendra Kumar, Dr.Rekha Kapoor, Dr.Jitendra Ujala, Dr.Subhash Wadhwa, Dr.Ikram Malik, Dr.Amit Sharma, Dr.Ikram Malik, Dr.Rajeev Bansal, Dr.Atul Gupta, Dr.Vinod Karhana, Dr.A.k.Singh, Dr.K.K.Pandey, Dr.Vinod Karhana, Dr.Ikram Malik, Dr.Niraj Sharma, Dr.Surendra, Dr.Manish Tripathi, Dr.Raj Rani, Dr.I.a.Khan, Dr. P P Bhan, Dr.Shiv Kr.aggarwal, Dr.Vishal anand, Dr.Manju Nathan, Dr. S Mehta, Dr.Sushil Kumar, Dr.Raj rani, Dr.Pawan Kr.Mishra, Dr.Dinesh Tiwari, Dr.Vikash Jain, Dr.Ikram Malik, Dr. Bhushan, Dr.Mustaq Khan, Dr Poddar, Dr.Parash Dangwal, Dr.Sanjeev sabrwal, Dr S Vashistha, Dr.A.K.Singh, Dr.K.J.Raman, Dr.Sushil Kumar who were involved in this event.

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