Inhaler Usage to Control Asthma

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In most developed countries like the USA and UK, inhalers have replaced tablets and syrups as the primary therapy for asthma. Inhalers have proven to be an easy, safe and effective way to control asthma and have given asthmatics the freedom to lead fulfilling lives. In inhalation, you breathe in the medicine through the mouth, using a small device called an Inhaler. This is more effective because the inhaled medicine is delivered directly and quickly exactly where it is required, which is the airways in your lungs. Clinical studies and research by reputed scientific and medical Institutes prove that Inhalers are safe.

The 2 types of medicines that can be taken through Inhalers are called Controllers and Relievers. These are prescribed by your doctor. The 2 main types of Inhalers are: 1. Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) also called Spray Inhalers, and 2. Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs).

  • Pressurised meter dose inhalers (pMDIs) Pressurised meter dose inhalers (pMDIs)

    Pressurised meter dose inhalers are the most commonly used and a popular inhalation device. It releases pre-measured, reproducible doses every time on actuation.

  • inhaler consumer pMDI with dose counter

    The inhaler now comes with a dose counter. It shows the number of puffs in the inhaler. As the inhaler is used, the dose counter will countdown and indicate the number of puffs remaining.

  • asthma specialist autohaler Autohaler

    Autohaler is first breath actuated inhaler of india which is easier to use, remember and understand. Autohaler can be used by every age group of the patient (as prescribed by your doctor). It helps in treating and controlling airway diseases by providing accurate drug delivery where it is required.

  • nasal spray for wheezing Nasal Spray

    Nasal Spray is a simple to use device which helps to deliver medicine in spray form directly into the nose.

  • asthma revolizer Revolizer

    Revolizer is a cost effective, simple to use and environmental friendly device for pulmonary (lung related) drug delivery. Revolizer helps in controlling and treating asthma by providing accurate dosing and excellent delivery of the drug in the lungs.

  • inhaler for patient Zerostat-VT Spacer with MDI (spray inhaler)

    Zerostat-VT spacer is a device to be used with measured dose inhalers. Zerostat-VT spacer helps solve coordination problems and also enhances the delivery of the drug in the lungs. It reduces oropharyngeal(related to the oropharynx) deposition and thus decreases the side effects.

  • asthma rotahaler Rotahaler

    Rotahaler is a dry powder transparent inhaler used with various Rotacaps. The transparency of the device enables the patient to ensure that the full dose has been inhaled. It improves drug delivery in the lungs thus helping in controlling and treating asthma.

  • asthma treatment baby Zerostat-VT Spacer with baby mask

    For children, elderly and for those patients who cannot hold the spacer’s mouth piece properly we use a BabyMask with Zerostat – VT spacer.

  • asthma treatement Peak Flow Meter

    A Peak Flow Meter is a simple hand held device which helps diagnose breathing problems and asthma. Just as you have a BP instrument to check blood pressure and the Glucometer for diabetics, the Peak Flow Meter is like a thermometer for asthma. When the Peak Flow Meter reading is normal, it suggests that your asthma is under control.

  • asthma in children Huf Puf Kit

    The Huf Puf kit is a ready to use kit for children which includes the babymask and the Zerostat-VT spacer. A child can inhale a complete dose of medicine with the help of the hufpuf kit. Thus it helps the child to obtain full benefit of the medicine.

  • asthma nebulizer Nebulizer

    A Nebulizer is a device which helps to deliver the medicine in the form of a mist, effectively and quickly into the lungs. There are different types of nebulizers available. Please read the instructions before using your nebulizer. Follow your doctor’s advice and prescription when taking your medicines.

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