Inhalation Therapy to control Asthma

October 2015

"Inhaled corticosteroid therapy (ICT) is the cornerstone of asthma management. For the effectiveness and safety of any treatment modality, optimal drug delivery is crucial. In case of ICT, the drug reaches the inflamed airways directly in small doses, limiting the potential side effects. In the case of oral medication, the drug dosage is many times higher than in ICT. This excess dosage then reaches other parts of the body too, where it is not required and increases the systemic side-effects."

"Inhaled corticosteroids have been recognized and widely accepted as the mainstay of asthma management. Unfortunately, due to lack of awareness many people remain reluctant to take the therapy. For many people, the word ‘steroid’ conjures up the vision of building up muscles. They confuse corticosteroids with anabolic steroids."

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Weekly Magazine – Mangalam.
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Edition : Kerala, Kottayam, Kozhikode, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur.
​Headline : Inhalation Therapy to control Asthma
KOL : Dr. Jacob baby, Consultant Pulmonologist -Aster Medicity, Cochin.
         Dr. Arjun MD (Consultant Pulmonologist) – KIMS Hospital, Anayara, Trivandrum