Usage of inhalers increasing... among kids with asthma

2nd September 2015

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes inflammation of the airways through which we breathe. Many environmental triggers like pollen and dust may set off the inflammation in a patient with asthma, leading to a constriction of the airways. It is very important for an Asthma patient to be regular with check-ups. They should avoid allergies by keeping their homes well aerated. Pranayama and breathing exercises are also beneficial to Asthma patients. One of the most effective treatment methods for asthma is inhalation therapy that involves taking the medicine directly through inhalation devices which gives direct relief to the inflamed area.

“The goal of any treatment is to increase the efficiency by using minimum possible dosage while maintaining good control over asthma and limiting the risk of systemic adverse reactions,” says Dr. Subhashish Roy.

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