Beware of Dust allergy

21st August 2015

Exposure to an allergen instigates a chain of events that involves histamine, inflammation of the breathing passages, and difficulty in breathing. Referred to as extrinsic asthma, it usually develops during childhood & the majority of these cases (approximately eighty percent) involve known sensitivities to specific substances. This type of allergic asthma can withdraw in early adulthood, however in three quarters of cases, the asthma does reappear later in life.

'Allergic rhinitis and asthma are a major socio-economic burden and reduces work productivity, learning performance and interferes with social interactions. It also has psychological effects, and creates a burden not only for the affected subject, but for the family and for the society at large. Co-morbid allergic rhinitis in asthmatics, is associated with higher total annual medical costs, greater prescribing frequency of asthma-related medications and increased likelihood of hospitalizations.' Says Dr. Ghosal

Moreover, under-diagnosis and inadequate treatment of allergic rhinitis can worsen co-existing asthma leading to a greater public health problem.

Coverage Details:
Publication : Bartaman – the second leading Bengali publication in Kolkata
Edition : Kolkata
Date : 9th April 2015