Hindrance in inhalation therapy | Inhalers for Asthma: A Sign of Health, Not Illness.

17th September 2015

According to Global Asthma Report (2014), symptoms of asthma especially breathlessness are responsible for fear, emotional and psychological suffering of patients living with asthma. The stigma attached with asthma is one of the major barriers, as it can delay health seeking, case detection and decrease the adherence to long-term asthma management regimens

Dr. Kothari says, "Stigma, often coupled with asthma, can lead to non-disclosure of the disease, self-blame and embarrassment over medication use in public. A large majority of care givers and patients have reservations about the use of inhalers only because of social stigma attached with inhaler. Many a times they do not even learn the proper technique of inhaler use. People living with asthma often feel that they will be treated as outcastes, which leads to feelings of despair and denial causing poor prognosis."

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Date : 17th September 2015
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