Cipla raises asthma awareness in Chennai

16th May 2010 | Chennai

Launches � a holistic educational website on asthma
Celebrities come together to ascertain that it is possible to lead a normal life if asthma is controlled

In an initiative to raise awareness on asthma, Cipla the leading pharmaceutical company unveiled a holistic educational website on asthma in Chennai today. Supporting the cause, celebrities like Playback Singer Anuradha Sriram, Music Director Ramesh Vinayagam, Film Director Chandrasekhar, Film Director Vasanth and along with Carnatic singer Dr. Ganesh highlighted that asthma can be completely controlled and appealed to a gathering of 300 asthma patients to adopt and adhere to inhalation therapy without any inhibition. Inhalation therapy has now been globally accepted as the safest, most effective and highly affordable treatment to control asthma.

With 30 million asthmatics in the country, India constitutes 10% of the world asthmatics which indicates that the asthma population in India is larger than the entire population of several countries. The scenario is worse as most in India are either unaware, undiagnosed or are sub-optimally treated for asthma. This is despite India having the latest, most effective and extremely affordable inhaled medicines to control asthma. The most effective asthma treatment – Inhalation Therapy is available in India at a price as low as Rs.4 to Rs. 6 per day which means that a year’s supply of medicine is less than the cost of 1 night’s stay at the hospital.

Commenting on the launch of the website, Dr. G.S Kailash, Chest Physician & Asthma Consultant of Asthma and Allergy clinic, Mylapore said, “The website is very comprehensive and throws light on various aspects of asthma like triggers, symptoms, myths, special situations and provides demonstration of using inhalers the right way. There are some very encouraging patient videos which showcases how the right diagnosis of asthma and compliance to inhalation therapy has changed their lives entirely.”

Noted Film Director S.A Chandrasekhar added, “Long hours of shooting in the heat and dust for continuous days require both mental and physical fitness. I’ve seen few people in my unit like camerapersons, spot boys, supporting actors etc. using inhalers, but I could never tell the difference between them and others as despite being asthmatics they never complained of tiredness or missed out on days of work. “

Congratulating Cipla for creating such an informative website, Kalaimamani & National Award Winner Film Director Vasanth said, “The website is a step towards helping asthma patients in leading fulfilling lives as it gives them the knowledge and the confidence required to manage a chronic condition like asthma. A credible source of information and platform like will help bonding asthmatics together. ”

Famous Playback singer Anuradha Sriram said, “There are several actors, music directors, singers in the industry who are asthmatic but with inhalation therapy they have been able to keep their asthma under control and pursue successful careers. Just two puffs a day or as prescribed by the doctor – and you can lead an uncompromised life.”

‘Azhagiya Theeye’ Music Director Ramesh Vinayagam interestingly observed, “There are many singers that I have trained and worked with in my career and I was not aware for a very long time that some of them were asthmatics. Not only they have powerful voices but they can practice singing for hours at length. I have never seen them going breathless while performing long musical notes. This shows that if your asthma is under control, you can soar up to any height.”

Carnatic singer Dr. Ganesh asserted, “Asthma should not be referred to as a ‘disease.’ It is a condition of the lungs which is similar to someone with eyesight power. Just as you need spectacles to get perfect vision and inhibit further increase in the power count, similarly you need inhalers to help your lungs breathe freely and prevent deterioration of the lung condition.”

An audience of about 300 asthma patients were further entertained by a skit titled ‘Imsai Arasan Irandam Pulikesiyum Inhalurum’ and an interactive session ‘Mayandi Darbar’ with Dr. G. S Kailash hosted by Rajendra Udayar, London Tamil Radio provided them the platform to have their queries on asthma addressed.

About Cipla
Cipla laid foundations for the Indian pharma industry way back in 1935. At a time when the British ruled India and medicines were neither readily available nor affordable, Dr. K. A. Hamied founded Cipla towards making the country self-reliant in healthcare. He built Cipla with a promise “Never again will India be starved of essential drugs.”

Over the years Cipla has grown to be one of the most respected names in pharmaceuticals not just in India but worldwide. Its state- of -the art R&D centre has given the country and the world many firsts. This includes the revolutionary AIDS cocktail for less than a dollar a day. With over 40 manufacturing units across the country, Cipla manufactures over 1200 products in various categories and has a presence in crop care and veterinary too.

With a turnover of over 5000 crores, Cipla today serves doctors and patients in over 176 countries. It has earned a name for maintaining one global standard across all its products and services. Cipla continues to support, improve and save millions of lives with its innovative drugs and devices.