How is Asthma Diagnosed?

A Spirometry Test is a more sensitive and sophisticated test which detects the signs of asthma early. The Spirometer is used to measure how much air your lungs can hold and how efficiently the air moves into and out of your lungs. In other words, it gives a good indication of your lung power and gives you accurate details about your breathing capacity. The lab or the doctor conducting the test will give you a printed graph of your reading, just as you get a graph when you do your ECG test.

Both the Peak Flow Meter and Spirometry tests are used to diagnose asthma and also help you measure your progress when your asthma is under control.

However, since these tests are not recommended for children below six years of age, you as a parent have to work together with your pediatrician, to make sure that your child’s asthma is diagnosed early and correctly, by paying close attention to your family history and triggers. You will also be required to visit your doctor regularly so that together you can monitor your child’s progress.

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There are two ways in which you can diagnose Asthma

  • Know your Lung Power

    Know your Lung Power

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    doctor can assist you

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