TV Actor

I have asthma since my childhood. I guess I was in 7th or 8th standard when my family and I found out that I am an asthmatic. But that didn’t let me dream any less and my family was very supportive. I have harassed them a lot. I was an absolute tomboy and used play a lot of outdoor games like basketball and I used to swim a lot too… Yes, that used to tire me a lot but also helped me to get strong. I always followed my doctor’s advice and used inhalers and was always able to fight asthma.

After getting into the acting field, I have done so many shows where I had to do quite a lot of action sequences and let me tell you, I did them all by myself. In fact recently, I did a show where my character was all about action scenes and I absolutely enjoyed it.

I have also done a dance reality show and also won it. That show used to tire me the most. The dance rehearsals used to go for hours and by the end of the day I used to feel totally exhausted. But I never gave up. As I knew that nothing could stop me and I could achieve everything I wanted.