A Fight To Be Won

I still remember the day that my son Aarav's diagnosis came through. The doctor sat us down and told us that our son had asthma. Unfortunately, he did not provide us with much information regarding the nuances of the condition which left my wife and me devastated. 

Our son was ten years old and we never thought that he would face any serious medical conditions so early on in life. We believed that his childhood should be spent running outdoors and playing games with his friends and were distraught at the idea that our son would have to spend it being saddled down by his condition. What worried us, even more, was the financial aspect of dealing with the condition. My family was not doing well financially at the time and my wife and I were pretty sure that we wouldn't be able to afford our son's treatment. 

We didn't believe that this was the end however and knew that this was a fight that could be won. A friend recommended a different doctor to us and we decided to take a second opinion from him. The doctor was amazing and made sure to answer all of our queries regarding our son's asthma. He told us that our son's asthma was not the end of the world and that with the help of inhalers, he would be able to manage his condition easily. He also told us that our son would be able to get the best of medicine without it having it to be a financial burden. He took a brief session to make our son and us, understand how to use inhalers and why it is the best treatment for asthma.

Today our son is happy and is living life to the fullest. Thanks to his medication - inhalers, his symptoms are under control and there is nothing that will stand between him and a great future.

- Kavitha M

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