A New Normal Life

When my daughter was 5 years old, she started having issues with her breathing. She used to have these terrible sneezing and coughing fits. When she first got them, I assumed that it was a one-time thing and therefore tried to treat it with cough syrup. However, no matter how many doses I gave her, the coughing and sneezing would not stop completely. I finally realized that something was wrong and took her to the paediatrician. Her doctor conducted a thorough check-up and then suggested that I should let him run some more tests to see if she had asthma. I was in disbelief when I heard this but nevertheless, I let him run the test.

When the doctor confirmed that my baby girl did indeed suffer from asthma, I did not know how to cope with the information at first. What would this mean for my child? Would she ever be able to live a normal and more importantly, healthy life? What about her future- would her asthma restrict her from fully participating in her school? When she becomes an adult, would we even be able to find her a match? All these questions plagued me and I thought that the social life of my poor child was over!

My worries, however, were short-lived. Her doctor was quick to calm my fears and to let me know that just because my daughter had asthma, it did not mean that she was going to have any less of a full life. It just meant that a little extra care would need to be taken from her side and the side of our family as a whole when it came to her health. He briefed me on the use of inhalers and told me that as long as she used this, she should have no issue in coping with her peers.

Today my daughter is healthy and happy. She uses her inhaler on a regular basis and can play like any other child her age. She even thrives in cold places. Thanks to the #OpenUpToAsthma and her inhalers, I now have high hopes for her future.

- Jyothi Ramki

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