Our Greatest Joy

My name is Shalini and there is nothing that my husband and I love more in the world than our son. He is the apple of our eye and there is nothing that we would not do for him. 

While walking on the road one day in winter, my son suddenly started to experience a wheezing fit, he began to cough and said he could not breathe. His father and I were terrified and we rushed him to the hospital. 

After conducting a few tests, the doctor confirmed that our son had experienced an asthma attack. He outlined the condition for us and pointed out the different things that could trigger our son's attack. His father and I were shocked and worried when we first heard the news but knew we had to make the most of the situation. As a treatment, the doctor introduced us to inhaler medications, and further explained that Inhalers and nebulizers help to push the medicine directly to the lungs. He also explained to us how to use it, how frequently can it be used and in what situations it must be used.  Inhalers helped to prevent asthma symptoms and made it easier for our son, to manage life with asthma.

We read different articles about the condition and made sure we stay well versed on it. We also started educating our son on his health and made sure to ease his worries. 

Today, he has overcome his fear of the condition and lives a completely normal life. He takes his medication on time and can attend his day to day activities without worry. My husband and I are thrilled at how well he is doing and know that it would have never come to this without the help of his doctor, his asthma treatment and a supportive hand. We know that our son will go on to do great things and we cannot wait to see his accomplishments. 

- Shalini Soni 

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