Our Source Of Inspiration

With all the #OpenUpToAsthma stories going around, I thought it was important for me to share mine as well. I've always wanted a child and my husband and I tried for 10 years before I got pregnant. The fact that I got pregnant was nothing short of a miracle and I valued and adored our baby girl above everything else.

You can imagine how badly we took it when the test results came back and we were told that our sweet girl had asthma. Not knowing the minute details of the condition, we were sure that our daughter would never be able to lead a normal life. Her father and I were extremely upset and were resigned to our faith. However, thankfully, our fears and worries were short-lived.

The doctor was extremely helpful and made sure that we were aware of the fact that with the right medication, our little girl would have no trouble controlling her asthma symptoms and living a long, normal life.We were absolutely ecstatic to hear this news and vowed to help our child in whatever way we can. He advised us to use an inhaler for our daughter’s condition. It proved very helpful for my daughter’s asthma and we were glad to see how her daily life activities were improving.

Today, our baby girl has all her asthma symptoms under control thanks to her regular use of inhaler. She has completely taken the diagnosis in stride and makes sure that her medication is taken on time. My husband and I are extremely proud of the way she is handling her asthma and she has officially become a source of inspiration for us and I can only hope that she'll eventually become one for you too.

- Felcy Rodrigues

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