Rejoicing Winter Once Again

‘It has been nearly five years since I’ve had an asthma attack.’


My childhood days saw me as a happy-go-lucky kid who eagerly awaited the arrival of winter. However, around the age of eight, I was diagnosed with asthma. This condition constantly kept me on my guard against dust and pollution to prevent asthma attacks. Such a seasonal worsening of asthma always ended up with me being hospitalized and prescribed with multiple medications and devices.


Eventually, inhalers came into the picture and brought my asthma under control, helping me to live my life like any other person.


Growing up with asthma ultimately made me unafraid of this condition. I graduated from a medical college in Nagpur and kick-started my career by moving to Delhi, in spite of being aware of the alarming levels of air pollution in the city. Even though I was living amidst the capital’s poor air quality, I didn’t have a single asthma attack.


Today, I am able to enjoy winter once again without being afraid of confronting it anymore, thanks to inhalers


-Dr. Kartik Deshmukh

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