Ridhi Dogra

TV Actor

I have had serious issues with breathing and breathlessness all throughout my growing up years. I vividly remember that one night when I had just started my career as an actor, how scared I got coz I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t breathe. I actually sat up, full of anxiety, thinking ... 'if I can’t even breathe properly how I will sleep. If I don’t sleep, how will I dream and how will all my dreams come true.' I was restless and felt helpless that whole night.

But guess what, I did not let that experience or asthma ever hinder my journey or stop me in any way.

I went for all my dreams, I made myself physically fit, did physically intense shows like Khatron ke khiladi, savitri - where I was a warrior princess, fighting on horse tops and being on harness every day or Nach Baliye where the physical stress was high and I had to work in all kinds of conditions.

What helped was my inhaler which I took whenever I needed to and continue to see big dreams thanks to that help.  And hence I would like to say this to all of you… Pls don’t ever let anything limit you and make you feel like you deserve less because of asthma.

So #OpenupToAsthma and use inhalers and be the creator of your life. The life that you wish for.