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It all started with sneezing and the usual cough and cold. Like most of us, I kept ignoring it, thinking it’s simply due to dust and pollution. Until one night, I was at my relative's place for a party. I started coughing a lot and was breathing very heavily. Luckily my uncle is a doctor and was present at the party. So he checked me up right there and he asked me to visit his clinic the next day. When I reached his clinic, he immediately got me to do some medical tests and informed me that I had asthma. He prescribed an inhaler. My parents were very worried but when my uncle explained us that it would not affect my life in any way and all I have to do is always keep an inhaler with me so that I can use it when I have breathing issues, they got a little relaxed.

But I had a lot of questions. Why do I have to always carry it? Will I have to do these tests every time? I was in a panic zone. So my parents also got me checked from 2-3 doctors and they too told me that I had asthma and prescribed an inhaler.

Initially, I didn’t share about it with anyone because I think the world doesn’t need to know about it. I even skipped college for a few days as I thought my friends would make fun of me. But then after a few days, my best friend came home to see me because he thought I was unwell. When he came home, I told him everything and he started laughing. I thought he was making fun of me but instead he found my thoughts very surprising. Rather he encouraged me to attend college immediately and not to be uncomfortable.

I am blessed to have such family and friends. With their support and of course, with an inhaler, I am able to do what I love. Nothing can keep you away from living the life you want, you are a warrior. #OpenUpToAsthma