Siddharth Kannan

TV/Radio Host & YouTuber

People compliment me about my energy on stage, TV, radio and even in person. I guess, that’s the kind of person I am! When I’m on stage, it is my energy that gets the crowd going. Whenever people see my inhaler, for instance a client who was driving back with me after a crazy 4 hour event, think it’s a joke because no one believes that a guy who can rock a stage for 4 hours has been asthmatic his whole life! He thought that I was kidding around when actually, I had to use it! Even on the tennis court, I move, serve and volley even better than the regular members there! At the end of a game when I use the inhaler, my coach told me that ‘inhalers are for asthmatics, not for regular people like you and I!’ My actions open up people’s eyes just like Breathefree has helped people across the country to #OpenUpToAsthma. Asthma is a part of me, NOT who I am. It will never define me. Asthma does not control my life, I do. I don’t live a regular life. I live life large, on my own terms.