A Touch Of Support

Everything in our life was going perfectly and as a family, we were as happy as we could be. This was until my daughter was diagnosed with asthma. Her father and I were shocked when we were informed of the diagnosis and initially, we didn't know to react and deal with this new situation.

What scared us, even more, was how our sweet girl was handling the news regarding her asthma. She got more and more upset as each day passed which worried us as we had never seen her like this before. She was a bright child and seeing her upset broke our hearts. My husband and I resolved to work together to get her out of her funk.

We went back to the doctor who patiently answered all our questions about asthma. She gave us tips on how to boost our daughter's self-esteem. This was around the time when the #OpenUpToAsthma hashtag started to float around. Initially we had doubts about the use of inhalers and how it may affect our daughter’s health. We had the doctor’s guidance and he made us realize that inhalers are the best way to tackle the symptoms of asthma. Inhalers helped her to manage daily activities at school and play.

Today, she manages her condition quite effectively with the help of Inhalers. She is comfortable with her asthma and no longer lets her condition upset her. We as parents are extremely proud of what she has achieved and know that she will go a long way. This just goes to show than with the right treatment and an emotional touch, anything is possible.

- Savita Tamboli

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