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Inhalers: Myths and Facts

While most of the people across the world have accepted inhalers

as the most effective way to treat breathing problems, there are still many myths that surround these devices. It is because of these myths that some people are often a little worried when they are told that inhalation therapy is the best for them. However, using inhalers is safe and effective, so you can keep using them without any worry.

These are some of the common myths that people have when it comes to inhalers:

  • Myth #1- Inhalers cause addiction

Despite common belief, using inhalers regularly does not mean you will get addicted to it. The medication used in inhalers is not habit forming. Early discontinuation may cause the symptoms to reappear. Simply put, inhalers are a necessity to treat breathing problems such as asthma

and COPD

, and do not cause addiction. Inhalers should be used for as long as prescribed by your doctor.

  • Myth #2- Using inhalers stunt children’s growth

This is a very common misconception with inhalers. Inhalers have next to no side effects, as the medication delivered to the lungs is in very small doses. In fact, when taken regularly and in the prescribed doses, inhalers are the safest kind of medication to use for treating breathing problems. Contrary to popular belief, children who have regularly used inhalers to treat their breathing problem have grown up to normal adult height.

  • Myth #3- Inhaled steroids are harmful

When you use the inhaler, the medication reaches the problem area – the lungs - directly. Therefore, the amount of medication delivered to the lungs through the inhaler is very small. Such small amounts do not cause any harm. Inhalers can be safely taken by everyone, including children and pregnant women. In addition, the kind of steroid used in the inhaler medication is not the same as the one used by athletes and body builders, for improving their performance. Thus, the chances of you having any kind of side effects is minimal. In fact, you are far less likely to come to any harm from using your inhaler regularly than not taking it.

  • Myth #4- Inhalers are the last resort

Inhalers are not the last but the first resort medicine for treating breathing problems such as Asthma and COPD. Across the globe, inhalers are considered to be the most effective, safe and convenient way of treating most of the breathing problems. Inhalers make it possible for the medicines to reach the problem areas – the lungs and airways – directly to provide immediate and long-term relief. Inhalation therapy is the most effective way to treat your breathing problems such as asthma and COPD, so you can continue doing all that you love and enjoy, and lead a normal active life without any worry.

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