Asthma Symptoms

It’s very easy to recognise the symptoms of asthma. The common symptoms of
asthma are:

Shortness of breath or Breathlessness: You feel like you can’t get enough air in or out of your lungs, and find it especially difficult to breathe out.

Frequent or persistent cough: You have a cough that doesn’t go away for many days, and you find that you often cough at night or after exercising.

Wheezing: You hear a whistling sound every time you breathe out.

Tightness in the chest: You get a tight feeling in the chest, like someone is squeezing or sitting on your chest.

It’s not necessary that every person with asthma shows all of these symptoms. For instance, some people may have disturbed sleep at night due to excessive coughing, while others may experience breathlessness while exercising. It is important that you watch out for the symptoms, so that you can help your doctor diagnose your condition accurately.

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