The Breathefree Festival

One of the country’s largest patient education programs, Breathefree aims to raise and spread awareness breathing problems and how to manage them. To that end, we at Breathefree have, over the years, held various camps and activities to help people become more aware of their lung health.

Wanting to take Breathefree to every part of the country and attempting to provide essential medical infrastructure to help diagnose and treat those who don’t know that they have a problem, we created the Breathefree Festival.

The Breathefree Festival is an essential campaign for the Breathefree family, as it works to break all the myths surrounding asthma, inhalation therapy, and to help people accept it without fear. To explore and explain the various aspects of inhalation therapy, we created platforms such as the Breathefree Screening Yatra and Breathefree Chemists.

The Breathefree Yatra has reached out to approximately 100,000 undiagnosed people at approximately more than 400 locations across the country, along with more than 300 doctors across specialities. Currently in its 3rd year, the Breathefree Festival has been essential in creating a positive aura to the various teams working to raise awareness about breathing problems, and its audiences.