FB Live Interview with Dr. Jaideep Gogtay

Did you know that India is termed as the death capital of the world for asthma? Equipped with all the medical advancements and educated doctors in our country, asthma still remains a disease that cannot be controlled effectively. To eradicate this problem, we decided to spread the core message of “Berok Zindagi”, with the help of a Facebook live interview called “21st Century India vs. 19th Century Beliefs”.


The famous news anchor and editor, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai conducted the interview with Dr. Jaideep Gogtay (M.B.B.S), who is the Chief Medical Officer at Cipla Ltd. Dr. Gotgay has been closely involved in the development and introduction of several drugs in the field of infectious and respiratory diseases. He has also been a part of several clinical trials in the field of asthma, COPD and infectious diseases.


During the interview, Dr. Gotgay decoded various myths and notions that would better educate doctors and people dealing with asthma. He briefly discussed ways in which doctors can adopt better practices that will eventually help them aid asthmatics. The doctor introduced the concept of having an educator present in the clinics that could provide necessary information about asthma to the patient and his family members, in order to handle this situation effectively. The question segment of the live interview further busted all the myths and answered all queries relating to inhalation therapy and the fear of using inhalers.


The interview was a great way of communicating the right information about asthma and the most effective way of controlling this disease with the use of an inhaler. Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai concluded the live session by assuring the viewers that they too, could live a life without any barriers if they controlled their asthma in the right way.

This Facebook live interview was accepted well by the online audience with a viewership of 2800 people, which then crossed a total of 7800 views along with 800 comments.


Whether you have a breathing problem or know someone who does, and have a few apprehensions regarding the same, you can get all your questions answered by listening to this interview.