Asthma In Children

The world over, inhalers have proven to be more effective as a treatment for asthmatic children. Inhalers can help control your child's asthma so that your child can lead a normal, active life. They are safe, easy to use and the inhaled medicine goes directly where it is required- to the airways in your child's lungs. Click on the inhaler your child is using and find out how to use it correctly.

  • asthma rotahaler Rotahaler

    Rotahaler is a dry powder transparent inhaler used with various Rotacaps. The transparency of the device enables the patient to ensure that the full dose has been inhaled. It improves drug delivery in the lungs thus helping in controlling and treating asthma.

  • inhaler for patient Zerostat-VT Spacer

    ZerostatVT spacer is a device to be used with measured dose inhalers. ZerostatVT spacer helps solve coordination problems and also enhances the delivery of the drug in the lungs. It reduces oropharyngeal (related to the orophranx) deposition and thus decreases the side effects.

  • asthma in children Huf Puf Kit

    The Huf Puf Kit is a ready to use kit for children which includes the babymask and the ZerostatVT spacer. A child can inhale a complete dose of medicine with the help of the Huf Puf Kit. Thus it helps the child to obtain full benefit of the medicine.

  • asthma revolizer Revolizer

    Revolizer is a cost effective, simple to use and environmental friendly device for pulmonary (lung related) drug delivery. Revolizer helps in controlling and treating asthma by providing accurate dosing and excellent delivery of the drug in the lungs.

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