The Times of India Lung Checkup Camp

With the objective of spreading awareness on asthma, a 'Lung Health Check-up Camp' was organized for the employees of The Times of India, Mumbai on 24th and 25th February 2010. An email was sent to the employees highlighting the importance of lung health.

The response was overwhelming with over 230 online registrations for the camp. Breathe Free standees and posters were put up in the Times campus 2 days prior to the event.

Anticipating a good turnout, we set up 4 screening desks, each equipped with a peak-flow meter and our representative to help them take the test and know the reading of their lungs. A separate room was arranged for 2 doctors with a waiting area for the employees. There were also counters for device demos and spirometry.

As the clock struck 11.00am, employees started flooding the counters. They all took the peak-flow meter test and a few had to be directed to the physician who further recommended spirometry to a select few. We ensured that each person was given appropriate attention and time depending on their lung condition. The doctors diagnosed, counseled and even prescribed treatment to the employees as required.

The two day camp received a total walk-in of over 500 employees.

The camp was a success with the help of the following doctors who came forward to support our BreatheFree movement. We thank them immensely for believing in BreatheFree and partnering with us to spread the awareness.

1st Day i.e. 24 February, 2010
• Dr. Rajratan Sadavarte - Chest physician, Malad
• Dr. Rohit Hegde (Chest PG-GT Hosp)
• Dr. Anand Kumar - Chest physician, Mulund

2nd Day i.e. 25 February, 2010
• Dr. Vivek Singh - Chest Physician, Vashi
• Dr. Vidya Doshi – Chest Physician, Bhatia Hospital

We also thank Mr. Chandrashekar Mukherjee, Mr. Sujoy Mazumdar and Mr. Deepak Kumar from The Times of India who provided us with the platform to reach out to their employees.

If you know of any corporate, school , society or community centre who would like such a ‘Lung check camp’ to be organized at their premises, please do write to us at

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