Breathe Free Yatra - Andhra Pradesh

Breathe Free Yatra was the first ‘clinic on wheels’ in India to offer free lung check-up to the masses in 9 Andhra towns - Nalgonda, Kodada, Vijaywada, Kakinada, Rajamundhry, Ongole, Nellore, Tirupati and Kurnool. A self-contained lung clinic with diagnostic tools such as Peak-Flow meter and Spirometer, educational materials, and a team of Cipla ‘Care and Educators’ travelled over 9 days and was joined by doctors at each of the locations.

The crowd was excited about the bus coming to their city and each location had a turnout of about 150-200 patients. The diagnosis rate at each of the locations was very high about 60%. Of these many very diagnosed of asthma for the first time and many were convinced about inhalation therapy being the best and most effective treatment for asthma.

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