Asthma Awareness drive in Gorakhpur through ‘Nukkad Natak’

In an initiative to raise awareness on asthma, Breathefree organized a ‘Nukkad Natak’ (Street Play) called ‘Lakh Takke Ki Baat’ at Kusmi and Betiya Hata in Gorakhpur on 20th January 2011.

Woven by the sutradhar, the narrative unfolds three scenarios from the everyday lives of Gopal, Harishankar Singh and Sheela; each experiencing symptoms of asthma due to exposure to dust, smoking and change in weather. The street play highlighted that symptoms such as coughing, breathlessness, tightness of the chest and wheezing should not be neglected as these are actually the symptoms of asthma and it is important to see a doctor if you experience any of them. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder which can be completely controlled with inhalers and one can lead a normal active life but if untreated, asthma could even prove fatal.

Witnessed by over 150 spectators, the street play gave an important message that ‘Inhalation therapy’ is the best, most effective and highly affordable asthma treatment, as it reaches your lungs directly and starts acting immediately. The doctor in the play explained that just as some people require spectacles to get perfect vision and inhibit further increase in eye power count, some people need inhalers to breathe freely and prevent deterioration of their lung condition. After the show, free lung check-ups were organized for the spectators.

Prominent doctors from Gorakhpur – Chest Physicians like Dr. Rajendra Rai, Dr. S.K.Lath, Dr.V.N.Agarwal and Dr. Nazibulla Khan appreciated the efforts taken by Cipla to drive up asthma awareness in the region.

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