Causes of asthma

With the second leg of #BerokZindagi having officially kicked off, the new TVC that Cipla recently launched on the 14th of December 2019 perfectly encapsulated the theme for this phase of the campaign.

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Causes of asthma

Did you know that inhalers aren't addictive? Yes, you heard that right! Asthma is a condition that all of us are familiar with. 

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Visit a Breathefree clinic to meet an educator, who will help you tackle your breathing problems.



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Causes of asthma

At the time when Hridaan’s reports revealed that he had asthma, Hridaan’s mother was in denial for almost a month. Read on to know what happened a month later after her son was put on inhalers.

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Causes of asthma

No one had ever thought that Taran would be diagnosed with something that would end his dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. Read on to know Taran’s journey with Asthma.

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