What is COPD?

Chronic: It’s long-term and doesn’t go away

Obstructive: The airflow from the lungs is partially blocked

Pulmonary: The medical term for lungs

Disease: A health problem

COPD is a lung problem with blockage in the air tubes which carry air in and out of your lungs. Your air tubes become narrower, so the amount of air that can go in is much less. Also, air cannot get out of your lungs properly. Because of this your lungs feel very full, your chest feels tight, and you feel short of breath. All this makes breathing difficult, and if not taken care of, can get worse with time. COPD sounds scary but it can be tackled so don’t worry. With proper treatment and medication, you can Manage COPD and improve the quality of your life. This way, you can keep doing everything you enjoy – from hiking to dancing to travelling. There’s another important thing to remember about COPD – it’s not contagious, so you won’t get COPD just because you stay in the company of someone who is suffering from it.