TV Actor

I have been facing breathing problems since my teenage days which was then followed by coughing. There was a time when I was shooting a film abroad and had a day off. So I decided to go out shopping and to see the city. But after my workout, I couldn’t breathe. I called up the production guys and informed them about my condition.

They immediately called for a doctor at the hotel. After my check-up, the doctor asked me to do a few tests and I was told that I had asthma. He also prescribed an inhaler. I was very surprised because I had a very healthy lifestyle. It took me a while to digest the news. When I told my family about it, they didn’t react much but just wanted a solution to this, so that my life and my career would not get disturbed. They took me to a doctor in Mumbai and he even said the same thing and asked me to carry an inhaler at all times. Trust me, my inhaler has been my companion since then.

People think they know all about asthma, but it’s not true. What a lot of people know are myths. So here I am letting you people know that one should never hesitate from using inhalers. They are life savers for all asthmatics. #OpenUpToAsthma