Charlie Chauhan

TV Actor

During my school days, I started having breathing problems and then one day had a major breathing difficulty. So my mother immediately took me to her doctor and got all my medical tests done.

Luckily for me I was diagnosed at an early stage and hence was able to get the treatment sooner.

I was asked to use an inhaler regularly. Initially, few of my neighbours and teachers suggested my mother to refrain from using inhalers. But my parents knew what was best suited for me and I did exactly as my parents and doctor told me.

I knew inhaler was a life saver but since I was a child, I never knew what to tell my friends when they asked me about it, making me uncomfortable to use it everywhere. It took some time for me to adjust to inhalers.

Breathlessness and cold used to be a constant problem but I never let it stop me. I never gave it a chance to stop me from achieving what I wanted. I have only shared about my asthma with one of my closest friends. But now I feel I should support a cause like this and should #OpenUpToAsthma.