A Dancer's Dream

As a parent, you always want what's best for your child. You want to make sure that they are healthy, happy and are equipped as much as possible to handle everything life throws their way. You want to make sure that you help them claim every possible opportunity out there to help them pursue their dreams.

My 7 year old daughter is a dancer. Dancing has always been her passion and I know that she has what it takes to convert that passion into a career. When the test results came and the doctor confirmed that my daughter had asthma, it was like my worst fear had just turned into a reality. I couldn't fathom the thought of my daughter continuing her dancing much less turn it into a career and I was absolutely heartbroken.

But the doctor was quick to inform me that my daughter's asthma was not the end. He told me that with the right treatment and a little emotional support from my end, my daughter should have no problem controlling her asthma symptoms. He counselled us and our daughter about the use of inhalers which gave us hope that she can still follow her dream.

Today, thanks to #OpenUpToAsthma, my daughter has accepted her asthma and the use of inhaler. She knows that as long as she takes her medication on time, she can do anything. As the days go on, she has started to dance again and her love for dancing grows with each passing day. Seeing my daughter pursue her passion against all odds fills me with pride and I now know that I can rest easy knowing that my daughter will be able to live a long and normal life thanks to inhalers.

- Kiran Sharma

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