Dancing Through The Worries 

I still remember the day my son was diagnosed with asthma. My wife and I were so distraught by what had happened. We had quite a few plans for our child's future and none of them included him being saddled with his asthma. We always imagined him playing in the park with his friends and now, because of his asthma, that rose-tinted picture was shattered with insertions of his inhaler.

After a little while, we decided that there had to be something that we could do to make the situation better. We decided to take a second opinion from a renowned professional. The doctor was very understanding. He sat us down and assured us that we were more worried than we should be. He told us that our son's asthma was not the end of the world and that as long as he used his inhaler on time and paid attention to the treatment, he would have no problem managing the symptoms.

The doctor told us all we needed was to have a different perspective on the condition. Taking his advice to heart, we steeled ourselves and made sure that we were emotionally supportive of our child. He was never made to feel like a patient and eventually, he got used to managing his symptoms.

Today, years later, managing his asthma symptoms has become the second nature for our son. He has even taken up dancing and is the lead dancer in his school dancing group. This goes to show, that all you need is a new perspective and a loving touch to achieve your goals.

 - Abhishek T.

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