A Family's Touch

The only thing that is worse than your child getting an asthma attack, is when you aren't around to do anything about it. My husband and I travel a lot for work and we never stopped to consider the issues that might occur when we were not at home. 

One day when we were on our official tours, we received a distressed call from our eldest son. He told us that his brother (our youngest child) had fallen ill. He could not breathe and our eldest son was terrified because he did not know what to do. We immediately called our neighbour and asked him to help take our son to the hospital and took the next flight home. 

Our younger son was admitted into the hospital and after conducting a few tests, the doctor confirmed that he had asthma. He outlined the condition for us and told us that with the right treatment, our son would have no problem leading a full and healthy life. Our child took his diagnosis in his stride and made sure to follow the doctor's prescription to the T. 

However, that was not what worried us. Unlike our youngest son, our eldest son did not accept the diagnosis easily. He was horrified by the asthma attack that his younger brother went through and was convinced that his brother's asthma would stand in the way of him experiencing his day-to-day activities. 

It took us a few months but finally, we managed to show our son that his brother's asthma would not be the end of him. Today, both our children are happy and live a normal life. Our eldest son no longer fears for his brother and takes care of him whenever required. We can now rest knowing that with the right medication and a family's touch, asthma will not stop our youngest child from achieving great things.

- Sarita T. 

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