Her First Uninterrupted Breath Of Air

Nine months ago, my daughter came to me and complained that she found it difficult to breathe. I initially didn't think much of it. Overtime, she started to experience several other symptoms like a tight feeling in her chest and wheezing fits. Her symptoms progressively got worse and it worried me. I finally decided that enough time had passed and took her to a paediatrician. 

After listening to her symptoms, the paediatrician conducted a few tests. He told me that my daughter had asthma and assured me that while there is no cure for asthma, with the right treatment, she would have no problem getting back out there. He prescribed inhalation therapy and pointed us to a Breathefree educator who gave me an asthma leaflet and detailed out the finer points of the condition. He showed us the correct way to use an inhaler. 

Since that day, my daughter has used her inhaler regularly. She is 100% committed to her treatment and it has caused her symptoms to reduce significantly. She no longer has issues with breathing and has even started attending school regularly. 

Thanks to her treatment, she is now living a full, robust life that is unhindered by her asthma. Her father and I are grateful for this positive change. She is no longer held back by her condition and we can now rest easy knowing that she will live a long and happy life. 

- Sania Md 

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