TV Actor

I have always lived a happy and a satisfied life. I have fulfilled my dreams and lived my life to the fullest. But that was not the case always.

Breathlessness has been a part of my life since early teenage days but was easily manageable. When I moved from school to college, my lifestyle changed. Since I started spending a lot of time outside, my breathlessness increased. Once, when I came back from college, I was coughing a lot. That night around 2-3 am my sister woke my mom & told her that I am making weird sounds in my sleep.

Next morning my mom took me to see my doctor. My doctor did some tests and he recommended to use an inhaler and asked me to carry it everywhere I go. I didn’t like what I was hearing. Just the thought of it got me embarrassed. My dad is into naturopathy, I thought to myself…Why can’t he do something about it rather than listening to this man? I threw a fit over using an inhaler. My dad immediately got the inhaler and asked me to use it saying there is no one here to see it. So I used the inhaler for the first time and I immediately started feeling better.

Since then I have always carried my inhaler everywhere, used it regularly. It took me a while to get comfortable using it in front of everyone. But I know nothing is more important than my own life. #OpenUpToAsthma