A Hurdle In The Path To The Goal

My son was an extremely athletic child. No matter the season, you would see him play outside at least once a day. He was good at pretty much every sport that he knew to play but his favourite was football. The boy was obsessed with it. He would stay up late just so that he could catch up on every match that he missed during the day when he was at school or doing his extracurricular activities. He told us that one day, he would not only play football for a living but would also become one of the greatest football players ever in existence. Seeing his immense love for the sport and how good he was at it (even at that young an age), his father and I supported his dreams wholeheartedly.

When he was 12 years old, he started to complain about his breathing. He would say that whenever he ran, even for a short time, he would not be able to catch his breath. This continued for a long period of time and finally, his father and I decided to take him to the doctor. It was there that we were informed that he had asthma. As any mother would be, I was terrified. I did not know how my son would come back from this and whether he would be able to play any sport again much less become a full-time football player.

My son, however, refused to let this hinder his dreams. He took the doctors' advice and prescription seriously. He continued to play but paced himself and used his inhaler whenever required.

Today, he is a healthy man who has not only played state but also national level football. He has made me a proud albeit worried mother but thanks to his inhalers and the #OpenUpToAsthma Campaign, I know in my heart that my son will live a healthy, long, full life.

- Munira Mansoor.

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