Masaba Gupta

Indian Fashion Designer

The amazing Priyanka Chopra sharing her story about being asthmatic was an eye opener to me and to the world. I realised that there is definitely nothing to hide here. I always played a sport in my childhood and I couldn't believe that I would be a magnet to any respiratory diseases. In my school days, I was diagnosed with asthma and I got to know that this chronic illness has stayed with me right from my birth. I fretted this diagnosis, & was prescribed an inhaler then. Initially, it was quite challenging but later I learned how to get a grip on this & control my asthma.

In 2005, when I was triggered by pollen allergy, that's when I started using an inhaler. Majority of my work life is spent travelling for popups, which means different cities, different kind of temperature and all that starts playing havoc with my health. So each time I fly, I am nervous about what is going to happen to me when I get to that city. Inhaler helps me work seamlessly without any trouble and I don’t need to stress about my asthma. I've even taken to yoga specifically to lose the extra kilos on my body and for better functioning of my lungs. Even today, all my workouts are centered around making my lung capacity better.

Well, I think you if you too are an asthmatic, you don't need any excuses, all you need is to make smart lifestyle choices & use an inhaler regularly to make sure your asthma doesn’t come in the way of whatever it is that you want to achieve and live a happier & a #BerokZindagi #OpenUpToAsthma