Mona Lisa

Film & TV Actor

I came across this inspiring story of Priyanka Chopra revealing she has asthma and hence I thought I should also #OpenUpToAsthma and share my story. I absolutely love swimming. The moment I look at water, I just cannot control myself.

But for the past few years, I started having breathing issues, but since I thought it is because of my hectic life and polluted city, I never got myself checked. One day when I was swimming, I thought my breathing had completely stopped and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily my friend was with me who is asthmatic, understood the symptoms and suggested I should immediately get myself checked. I was not sure what the outcome would be but my friend’s reaction did scare me.

When my doctor told me that I have mild asthma and I have to use an inhaler whenever I have breathing problems. I was like, What? Why would I need it?

I definitely didn’t take it well and I also didn’t tell anyone, not even my family. My doctor had given me some breathing exercises and an inhaler. It was a very difficult time when it all started as it put me on break from swimming for a couple of weeks.

I have never spoken about my condition before. Infact I use my inhaler when no one is around. But now when I saw Priyanka’s video, I thought if she could open up, why am I hiding? What’s stopping me? Should I even be bothered as to what people will say or think?

And I thought I am way beyond that. I have made a successful career for myself and have never let anything stop me ever, not even asthma. I have always come out as a winner. Then why not just open up? #OpenUpToAsthma.