A Normal Life Once More

Last year had been a stressful year for everyone in my family. One day, out of nowhere, my daughter started to complain about her breathing. At first, I thought it was due to a cold and therefore tried to treat it with some cough syrup. It got better for a little while but then she started to complain about how she would find it difficult to breathe more frequently. Over time, she even started getting these awful coughing fits that would not stop. However, as there were sizeable periods of rest between each fit, her father and I did not think much of it. It finally came to a point where she started wheezing during one of her coughing fits. It was then that we realized that something was horribly wrong and took her to the doctor. Her doctor, after conducting a thorough check-up and listening to her symptoms suggested that we let him run some more tests on her. Imagine our horror when a few days later, the doctor called us to his office and told us that our daughter did indeed suffer from asthma.

As any parent would be, we were worried about the safety of our daughter. We thought that for certain, she would not be able to have a normal life. She would not be able to play with her friends and would have to start missing school days. What if people shunned her? What we do then? Our troubles, however, were short-lived. The doctor sat us down and gently explained that just because our daughter had asthma, it didn't necessarily mean that her life was over. He handed us an inhaler and educated us about asthma and what is needed to deal with it.

It has been a year since then and my daughter has never been better. She plays with other children her age and rarely misses school. This would not be possible without her inhaler and her medication. We truly believe in the power of inhalers and would definitely recommend using it if you are someone who suffers from asthma.

- S Latha.

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