The Power Of An Inhaler

A mother's job is to ensure that her children are healthy, safe and well looked after. A few years ago, my daughter started to experience a host of symptoms, the most intensive ones being coughing and wheezing fits. At first, her father and I didn't know what was wrong with her. We took her to our regular doctor and gave her some over-the-counter medication but her symptoms did not vanish and she kept getting worse over time. 

Her symptoms eventually got so bad, that we would have to either keep her at home, or go and pick her up during the school day. As you can imagine, this affected her education. After a year of no relief, her father and I finally decided to take a chance and take her to a nearby Breathefree Clinic. 

After conducting a few tests, the doctor confirmed that our daughter had asthma. At first, we were terrified. We thought that our daughter would not be able to complete even the most basic tasks, but the doctor was quick to soothe our worries. He handed us an asthma leaflet and guided us through the entire treatment process. He showed my daughter how to use her inhaler and told her that she needed to take her treatment on time to get better. 

Today, my daughter goes to school regularly and faces no breathing problems. Thanks to her inhaler, I now know that I can rest with the knowledge that my daughter will live a long, normal life. 

- Sunanya L. 

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