Tisca Chopra

Actor & Producer

This is my sister Vimi in the picture with me. We don’t get to meet that often as both of us are busy with our work and families. 
We had been talking about our common passion for adventure and sports particularly off-roading for a really long time. Finally, we got together and went off-roading in our jeep to the Balliyawas off-roading track. 
I had known she was asthmatic, of course, but it was not on the top of my mind when we went out that morning for our drive. 
As we cleared the first course, dust rose from our vehicle like a banner of victory. We were the only women who were part of this all-male sport. The guys were very impressed with us and challenged us to do the next course which was even tougher. Vimi and I were excited and nervous. 
Vimi was a bit tensed since she thought that the dust could trigger her asthma. But nothing of that sort happened! We went on to do the next course and got an ovation from the other participants! Wondering how?
Well, all thanks to her best friend…inhaler! Yes, there have been tough times when her asthma has been a hindrance. But what kept her going is the regular use of an inhaler. There were times we had doubts about us continuing this passion for driving. But we’ve never let Vimi’s asthma come in the way! 
Now, we follow our passion for driving and cars, regardless of the season, dust or pollen. 
So, if you are asthmatic I don’t see how you or those close to you need to worry. Just make a smart choice and use an inhaler regularly so you can do every single thing that you dreamed of and live a ‘Berok Zindagi’. #OpenUpToAsthma