The Wildlife Hero

Taran’s parents and I go way back and I have known him ever since he was a baby. He always had a keen interest in wildlife and absolutely loved animals. At that time, none of us had imagined that this will carve out as a career path for him. As soon as he became a teenager, he had already been to multiple tours for his wildlife photography and he was moving up the ladder at a fast pace.


However, little did we know that he will soon be diagnosed with something that might end his dream career journey and put a pin to his love for adventures. We discovered that Taran had been diagnosed with asthma. Following this, we decided that it was best to put an end to his excursions. Meanwhile, we started with the asthma medication and soon enough the inhaler became his best friend. Wherever he went, no matter the time or place, the inhaler was always by his side.


It has now been four years since the diagnosis, and Taran has left his asthma far behind. He has been to numerous sanctuaries and rainforests and today his articles get featured within International magazines. Where there is a will, there is always a way and Taran sure did prove that to the world!


Taran’s desire to live life to the fullest and continue his journey with nature kept his dream alive.


-Nayana Kulkarni Amalnerkar

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