Nebulizer A-Z

How to Assemble a Nebuliser

Jet nebulisers are the most commonly used nebulisers. The following steps can guide you in assembling a jet nebuliser. It is recommended that you also refer to and follow the instruction manual of your nebuliser system as there might be some differences in the steps involved.

Place the compressor firmly on a sturdy surface; ensure that the rubber pads are fully resting on it.

Plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.

Connect one end of the nebuliser tubing to the compressor air outlet and the other end to the inlet of the medication cup.

Open the cap of the medication cup.

Add the medication into the cup and re-attach the cap. The volume of medicine used in a jet nebuliser should not be less than 2 mL.

Attach the face mask or mouthpiece to the cap of the medication cup and connect the tubing at the bottom.

Switch on the compressor.

If a mouthpiece is used, hold it firmly between the teeth with the lips closed around it completely. If a face mask is used, place it over the mouth and nose; ensure that it is fitting tightly and there are no gaps through which the medication mist can escape. Inhale deeply and slowly through the mouth and then exhale slowly. Continue to breathe through the face mask/mouthpiece for the recommended duration.

Turn off the power switch when the treatment is complete and detach all the accessories. After nebulisation, follow the instructions for rinsing out your mouth and throat with water to avoid any side effects, and then cleaning and disinfecting the nebuliser.

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