About Nebulization

Nebulisation in children


Nebulisation is simple, but the complicated part can be persuading your child to undergo it. These tips will help you calm down your child (and soothe your anxiety) before and during nebulisation.

1. Be vigilant

Close supervision is necessary when you administer nebulisation treatment to your child.

2. Be positive

Children can easily gauge the emotions of their parents and respond to them. Hence, it is a must to be positive and confident about nebulisation so that your child too mirrors this outlook and nebulisation takes place easily and effectively.

3. Communicate with your child

If your child is old enough to understand, make an effort to talk about nebulisation and how exactly it can make his/her condition better quickly.

4. Distract your child

It will help to keep your child distracted with other things during the nebulisation procedure – these will keep his/her mind occupied and calm and even help you both bond further. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Provide a favorite toy to play with
  • Narrate an interesting story
  • Play some engaging cartoons or a video game
  • Play or hum a favorite song for a relaxing effect

5. Nebulize in the right position

Some children prefer to sit upright on a chair, whereas others prefer to nestle in their parent’s arms. Children should always be held or made to sit upright while nebulising to give good results. The right position can simplify and ease the process of nebulisation.

6. Avoid nebulizing when your child is asleep or lying down

There is a risk that the medicine will not reach the lungs if you try to perform nebulisation on your child while sleeping as his/her mouth will be closed. When the child is asleep, the breathing is shallow and through the nose, which decreases the efficiency of nebulisation. There is also a chance that the child will get traumatised on being rudely woken with a mask on his/her face.

7. Get rid of the fear of the mask

  • Small children may feel that they will not be able to breathe through the face mask and revolt against wearing it.
  • Show them pictures of divers and snorkellers to remove this fear.
  • Tell your child that he/she is a superhero and needs to wear a face mask
  • Demonstrate by wearing the face mask yourself. You can stick pictures of your child’s favourite cartoon character on the face mask to make it seem less fearful.

8. Use the power of touch

Touch therapy can be one of the most calming things and envelops your child with a feeling of protection. Hold your child in your arms or hold the child’s hand during nebulisation, if need be. Pat or caress your child during the nebulisation process to show encouragement and provide reassurance.

9. Appreciate your child

After the nebulisation is over, give your child lots of appreciation, praise and hugs for participating in the procedure. This type of positive reinforcement is necessary to remove any fear or discomfort about nebulisation.

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