About Nebulization

Nebulisation & its advantages


It is the process of transforming liquid medications into a fine spray (aerosol) or mist, which can then be carried into the respiratory system through inhalation.


  • Nebulisers can convert a liquid medication into a fine mist or aerosol, thereby making it directly available for inhalation.
  • Using a nebuliser requires minimal co-ordination for inhalation.
  • The jet nebulisers (these are the most commonly used nebulisers) are compatible with a variety of medication solutions.
  • Nebulisers can be used in infants, very old or weak patients, or those who need immediate treatment for an acute condition
  • Works in patients who are unable to breathe in deeply due to a respiratory condition [low measure of inspiratory flow].
  • Breath-holding is not absolutely essential for efficacy.
  • The concentration of the medicines to be used can be adjusted [by diluting with isotonic saline] if needed.
  • Nebulisers have the ability to deliver larger doses compared to the other aerosol devices

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