Nebulizer A-Z

Replacement of Parts


As with any other machine, a nebuliser also needs to be maintained well for optimum performance. It is essential to clean and disinfect the nebulisers and its accessories to prevent bacterial growth and infection. Moreover, replacement of the parts is also essential when they have worn out.

KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER [related to Jet Nebuliser]

1. Compressor

The compressor should be regularly wiped from outside with a dry cloth. The compressor body should never be opened. The disassembly and internal repair of the compressor should be done by the technician and not by the user.

2. Medication cup

It should be cleaned after each procedure as per the cleaning instructions provided in the device manual.

3. Tubing

It should be checked regularly to see if any liquid droplets are present and replaced every 3 months. If any liquid has entered the tubing, blow air into it through the compressor (without the medication cup attached); this will fully expel any liquid droplets.

4. Face mask/Mouthpiece

It should be cleaned after each nebulisation and disinfected daily and replaced every 3 months.

5. Compressor Air Filter

The filter is disposable. It should be replaced when it discolours, i.e. colour changes from white to yellow. It should not be reused or washed or replaced with any other material.

Managing breakdown of the nebuliser

  1. It is better to keep an alternate nebulisation kit handy if the nebuliser is being regularly used.
  2. Keep all information about the nebuliser being used within reach so that a replacement can be immediately procured.
  3. Contact your doctor or healthcare specialist to get help in case of an emergency.
  4. Keep all information handy regarding the chemist or medical store that can supply a nebuliser unit quickly in case it is needed.

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