Srinivas Reddy
I am facing wheezing problem recently on daily basis,Even after continuous use of revolizer it is continuing,I also personally experience joint pain,back pain as a side effect,Is there any alternative solution is there,plz help me
Dixit Guleria
Hi guys, i will moving to germany in few months from now. i use asthalin inhaler regularly to keep my asthma in check. I want to know if i can get asthalin inhaler in germany or not..? also how much it will cost there..? Please guys reply if you know about this..
Kalaimaran J
I recently moved to Bengaluru from chennai. Now I'm facing Wheezing issue on regular basis. I'm regularly having hot water and wearing sandals inside home to avoid chillness but still I'm facing issue. Is there a way to take any other precautions?
Preeti Joshi
Trivandrum, Kerala
How can I be asthma-safe while traveling?