Good Advice for Good Breathing during monsoon

For people with Asthma, monsoon season can be an ordeal rather than a pleasant experience. This is because the rainy season brings about various factors that could lead to worsening of their condition. Hence, monsoon season calls for extra precautions to manage asthma symptoms and reduce the chances of an attack.

Breathefree is here to help you with asthma management during the monsoon and minimise the risk of asthma attacks with the help of inhalers.

Here are some topics that we will be covering for you under Good Advice for Good Breathing during monsoon:

  • Factors that may cause asthma attacks during monsoon season
  • Dos & don’ts for an asthmatic (especially kids) during monsoon
  • Asthma management during monsoon
  • Use of inhalers during the rainy season

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Good advice for good breathing by doctors

We spoke to some well-known doctors across India about how monsoon season may worsen asthma symptoms and might lead to asthma attacks. Doctors from across the length and breadth of the country came forward and shared their best advice for asthma management during monsoon with us.

Doctors Participated In this Campaign
  • "Regular use of inhalers as suggested by your doctor"

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  • "Know your asthma triggers and avoid them"

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  • "Ensure correct inhalation device usage technique"

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  • "Maintain proper device hygiene to ensure optimum outcomes"

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  • "Carry reliever inhaler at all times"

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  • "Get an asthma action plan to manage your condition"

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  • "Use a peak flow meter to keep track of lung function"

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About Berok Zindagi

Berok Zindagi is an initiative that aims at helping asthmatics realise their true potential and live unstoppable lives. It is the largest initiative by Cipla to create awareness for asthma by educating asthmatics about inhalers, thus encouraging asthmatics to openly accept and adopt inhalers to live a #BerokZindagi

Over the years, the Berok Zindagi initiative has helped create awareness about asthma and its the right treatment i.e inhalers. With this objective, we have brought together two asthmatics who have overcome the condition and proved to the world that asthmatics can achieve their dreams.

We have partnered with 6 times Michelin Star winning chef Vikas Khanna, Arjuna award and Commonwealth Gold-winning Badminton champion Parupalli Kashyap with one of the top Bollywood actor, Ayushmann Khurrana to encourage asthmatics to use inhalers

Through our campaign, we believe the myths and stigma surrounding inhalers will eventually fade away and every asthmatic will live a Berok Zindagi.

World Asthma Day

Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions

We often find ourselves believing in the myths about asthma rather than checking the facts out ourselves. So this #WorldAsthmaDay let's uncover some asthma misconceptions and understand what is right.

A to Z of Asthma

Learn the A to Z of asthma which everyone should know! A comprehensive guide on managing asthma, as Ayushmann Khurrana, Parupalli Kashyap, Vikas Khanna, doctors and patients join hands to create awareness about asthma. We are bringing this video to you as a part of a comprehensive glossary on asthma - Stay tuned as we bring you the next letter. #AtoZofAsthma

Asthma Ke Saath, Ek Berok Zindagi #InhalersHainSahi

Watch Ayushmann Khurrana as he narrates the stories of Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap through this beautiful video which talks about their victory over asthma with the support of right treatment i.e inhalers. The video speaks about how asthma can't stop you from realising your dreams, if you have the correct treatment to support you. #InhalersHainSahi

Also, always listen to your doctor for the right guidance. Connect with a doctor for further assistance.

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Asthmatics Answer Your Questions About Inhalers

Why should an asthmatic use an inhaler?
Let our asthmatic celebrities Parupalli Kashyap and Vikas Khanna clear all your doubts through this video. #InhalersHainSahi

T&C Apply

For more information about inhalers, you can always check with your doctor.

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Let's talk about Asthma

Every asthmatic has their own success story to tell. Listen to the tales of asthmatics like Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap as they get candid with friends and loved ones to discuss their journey of being an asthmatic and how they came out as winners against asthma.

Join The Cause #SayYesToInhalers

A certain stigma surrounding asthma makes people believe that asthmatics aren’t capable of living life to the fullest. But a simple understanding of inhalation therapy can help change that. So it’s time we #SayYesToInhalers


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If you’re someone who is frequently experiencing coughing, wheezing or breathlessness, it might be asthma. It is best advised to get it checked by a doctor. Berok Zindagi initiative is here to help you locate a nearby doctor or book an appointment. Book an appointment now!



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